Peddlers Event Center
Located in Peddlers Village Shopping Center


Mon. - Thur.:                          $125.00 / Hour 
Saturday:                              $2,350.00  (includes setup Friday)

Cleaning                                  $300.00 
Insurance:                               $200.00
Security:                                  $350.00
Total Facilities Rental:
         $3,200.00 on Saturday

Reservation Deposit:            $300.00 (at time of reservation.) 

Additional REQUIRED Coverage

     Certificate of  Insurance  - General/Alcohol Liability

     Security: Contact:  Ben Hochstettler 260-242-0851
                                     Francisco Ortega 574-202-4572
                                    George Perez: 574-361-0088       

     Alcohol Permits  - Must be acquired 21 days before event.

                                  - Insurance for Alcohol Liability
  Application for Alcohol Permit:

                                         Temporary Beer and Wine Permit Application (PDF)


Dandinos's  Catering

Ph: 574-533-3354

 Hoppers Pike Street Grill  (Tony)     

 Ph: 574-533-9800

 Alcohol Catering:


     Francisco J. Ortega

     Ph: 574-202-4572  


Event Planners: 
      Nena's Decorations  574-606-4260


DJs: Musicplace - Blake Eckelbarger 574-533-3992


Catering is not limited to those listed on this page.

You may use your own caterer as long as they are licensed 
with the
Elkhart County Health Department.